Facebook is everywhere

Facebook is an interesting phenomenon whereas its users are not the customer, they are the product. What this means is they collect information about you and then sell that information to whoever wants to buy it. When it comes to their platform, I understand the … Continue readingFacebook is everywhere

Income tax 2018

It’s that time of year again, that time when we get to continue to ensure that we’re doing our part to help pay for the cost of everything our country needs to fight World War 1, even though it’s long been over. A lot has … Continue readingIncome tax 2018

Our elitist province

If you want evidence that our government has no fucks to give to the common people of the province of Ontario, look no further than Highway 407. Now, I’m not inherently opposed to toll highways; in fact, they can be a good thing. For example, … Continue readingOur elitist province