COVID 19 update

There’s a virus spreading around the world, and it actually scares me. Not many things scare me anymore. It’s not that I’m afraid of getting sick or even of dying. I’ve come to terms with my own mortality. This virus scares me because it is … Continue readingCOVID 19 update

Facebook is everywhere

Facebook is an interesting phenomenon whereas its users are not the customer, they are the product. What this means is they collect information about you and then sell that information to whoever wants to buy it. When it comes to their platform, I understand the … Continue readingFacebook is everywhere

GM Oshawa closure

With the closure of GM Oshawa’s plant in the news and the protests that are happening, I would like to take this opportunity to bring some sobriety to this situation with my own first hand experience and perspective. I was hired by General Motors in … Continue readingGM Oshawa closure