Productive weekend

Not having Facebook as an endless distraction meant that I could get to some things I wanted to get done this weekend. After putting my server on a battery backup, I diverted some LED lighting destined for a landfill on a job I did recently … Continue readingProductive weekend

A new low in gas prices

I could not remember when I paid 89.9 cents per liter for gas, so I had to check Gas Buddies to find out it was sometime back in 2016.

4×4 fun

Last month, I went to visit my parents in the Hastings Highlands with my new GMC Sierra 4×4 pickup truck, and we decided to test out our 4 wheel drive in the snow. It was also a good opportunity to use some of the auto … Continue reading4×4 fun

GM Oshawa closure

With the closure of GM Oshawa’s plant in the news and the protests that are happening, I would like to take this opportunity to bring some sobriety to this situation with my own first hand experience and perspective. I was hired by General Motors in … Continue readingGM Oshawa closure

My cloud

Yesterday was a day of two successes; the first one was that I successfully set up my own cloud at; the second is that I have a valid security certificate for using it, so I can safely and securely share files with others. Now, … Continue readingMy cloud

Goodbye, Facebook

I decided to stop using Facebook after being an original member for over a decade. This isn’t a decision I made lightly just to follow a trend, to be “Cool,” or edgy. I don’t consider myself addicted to it. I need to stop using Facebook … Continue readingGoodbye, Facebook