I’m a licensed electrician with a background in IT and a total computer nerd. This blog, along with my other digital assets, are running on an old computer in my basement. I enjoy living free from the tyranny of censorship and the harassment of advertising. I’m also a husband, a father, an uncle, a son, and a friend, and live on the love of my friends and family.

After abandoning Facebook due to their heavy handed and unreasonable censorship, I decided to fire them as my platform for my voice on the Internet. As the old saying goes, if you want something done right, you got to do it yourself. They have the right to censor anyone on their platform as they see fit, and I have the right to say that I think they’re imbeciles that represent all that is wrong with the Internet today from my own albeit smaller platform.

We enjoy exploring the provincial parks in our spare time, so if you also enjoy the great outdoors, you will definitely enjoy my blog.

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