Goodbye, LInkedin (and Twitter)

Today, I decided to delete my LInkedIn account. I actually had several reasons to do so; there is the one-sided terms of service, the dangerous indemnity requirement, their censorship policies, the fact that my work history information is available for whoever wants to see it…

but really, at the end of the day, the burden of maintaining and keeping it up to date just wasn’t worth my time or effort. I also felt that Twitter was not worth my time or effort anymore. Time and effort I can put into my own online presence (right here and in the fediverse) where my data and information is mine for my own benefit, without turning my computer screen into a billboard. Where I do not need to agree to anyone’s terms of service, because I can exist on the Internet on my own terms. I am

Though it should go without saying, we do live in a world where I should probably mention that, if you see a Paul Quirk on Twitter or LinkedIn, that Paul Quirk is definitely not me. Even if it has pictures of me. This does not bother me, as I have no interest in ever using these services today or in the future, but if you choose to use these services yourself, you could report it as a fake. Or you just might understand, in that moment, how ridiculous these platforms are that a fake me could exist there, and then come to the realization that you’re probably better off deleting your profile, like I did. Honestly, it is quite liberating, and my life feels cleaner and simpler.

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