COVID 19 update

There’s a virus spreading around the world, and it actually scares me. Not many things scare me anymore. It’s not that I’m afraid of getting sick or even of dying. I’ve come to terms with my own mortality. This virus scares me because it is affecting even people who may never actually catch the virus, and in serious and life-changing ways, and no amount of preparation can distance us from it.

Ours is a culture that has moved into an age of excessive consumerism. People are living a lifestyle of perpetual debt in order to have the latest iPhone with the fastest data plan so that they can escape their real life for a few moments into the fantasy world of their choosing. I understand the appeal; I’ve long been a fan of role-playing video games since I got my Commodore Vic 20. Also, modern life can get messy and complicated. Some days it is good just to close those curtains on life and just follow the endless stream of entertainment; whether it’s chasing after invisible Pokemon characters or binge watching series on Netflix. Seriously, look at the stress everyone is under, worried that they may lose their job which means they won’t be able to pay the bills to keep that endless stream of fantasy world distractions coming, so they keep on going at a job they hate out of fear of losing it, then poof, their worst fear just happened! It literally just happened. Okay, so they get employment insurance, or the government gives them money to help them out, but suddenly they realize they don’t have any food and the toilet paper ran out. That day-to-day lifestyle left no room to stockpile a pantry, which would be considered a luxury in today’s ever-shrinking homes. So they go to the store, but guess what, some cunt bought up all of the toilet paper, and not just from this store, but from every store, so now they got to buy their toilet paper through these hoarders at greatly inflated prices. That money they’ll eventually get from the government is less than they used to earn, and the things they need just got more expensive. So then they learn they’d better stockpile on the things they can, and so does everybody else, putting even greater strain on a supply chain that’s already been slowed down due to the new social distancing and extraordinary sanitation measures that are taking place. Then consider some manufacturers turning their efforts to manufacturing much-needed medical supplies, and shortages start to appear in other places, then before you know it people are stock-piling women’s hair dye to sell at many times the cost for an excessive profit. But then I realize it gets even worse than that. Those people who are upset over the profiteers with their toilet paper and hair dye are the lucky ones, because for many people, that isn’t even going to matter when they have no food to eat.

People are going to lose their homes. People are going to be driven into homeless shelters. In those homeless shelters, this Covid 19 will continue to spread, they will catch it and maybe die. Other people at the brink will see this, and since their world of endless fantasy entertainment is about to end, they will be forced to come to terms with their real life. They will realize the system is going to fail them, and they could end up dying the worst death imaginable. Then they will see no other option than to turn on those of us who had the sense to keep money in the bank and food in the pantry, but to them we will look like the hoarders, which will embolden them; if not that, then the alcohol surely will, as the Beer Store and LCBO are still considered “Essential Services.” I’m already seeing the fractures forming. People getting into fights in lines at stores. People driving a little too recklessly. But the last thing we want is to end up in a hospital, because that’s going to be the place where the risk of contracting Covid-19 will be at its worst. That’s if you’re fortunate enough to even get the medical attention you may need.

As for me, my wife and I have both been laid off, but we’ll be okay. My web server is just a cheap little Raspberry Pi 3 connected to my home Internet, and I don’t spend my money on the fastest Internet or the latest trendy gadgets, finding my value in life by creating my own things. We keep food in our pantry, but we’ve always done this because I see how much of our food is imported and I understand the delicate balance that makes up international trade can too easily be upset creating disruptions. But you see, my own life is still a balance that exists in this system; no matter how much food I might stockpile, there is a law of diminishing returns in that the longer I might need a stockpile for, the less likely am I to return to a society as good as the one we have now. I’m not saying our current society is perfect. Far from it. I’m perfectly aware of the corruption of what we have now; however, I’m also aware that things have, on a whole, gotten better. Things can get a lot worse. At least in the current system, we’re free to stock food in a pantry. We’re also free not to. We’re free to choose what food we eat or stockpile; if some of us don’t like meat, we don’t have to eat meat. We can hold ourselves to religious beliefs that might prohibit us from eating certain foods, but that is still our freedom to choose that belief. Even if one argues rightly that it is our parents that choose our religion, we are mostly free to leave that religion if it becomes too abusive. These freedoms are only possible in a society such as ours. We need to continue to build it in the progression that makes things better for us all, leaving nobody behind.

At a time like this, I think the answer is clear. Each of us needs to be a little more selfless. To recognize that now isn’t the time to be getting rich or taking advantage of other people. To have a little more tolerance for how others are behaving. To let the economy have a vacation from us for a little while. At the end of the day, it’s just money, and that money is worthless in a society where luxuries like hair dye and toilet paper were the first to go.

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  1. Truth. I have some yet pinned down immune deficiency and I have had zero fears about the virus. (I don’t even have polio antibodies anymore – my virus system is broken along with the ability to create infection antibodies) Basically, I should be running around with my hair on fire, right?


    Near death threats on the neighborhood app for people not wearing masks outdoors! I thought the insanity was peaking when the grocery stores were being cleared out of stock when a little snow was announced for the next day. Little did I know how deep this scarcity mentality runs in a materialistic society.

    I found the true numbers early on – the virus spread so fast that countries didn’t have time to set up their DBMSs and communication networks, and so they all just started using the one a Wuhan medical organization had established. I found it right on the CDC site. (I may still have that link somewhere) 2 weeks later the CDC caught up the back-end and replaced those links with their own “pretty front-end.”

    They also are strong advocates of 100% cotton face masks – not realizing the NIH had an article that actually researched the effectiveness of cloth masks in hospital workers. Those workers got sicker – statistically significantly so. I think the general rule is 2 standard deviations? The people those workers contacted were no worse off – only the mask wearers. I can probably dig up that published research paper as well. (I have a lot of confusion with my own immune thingey) Peer reviewed bla bla bla…. Yeah, I’ve been around the block with so-called medical professionals. Enough to open my eyes I guess.

    The speed of the virus is the problem, not the death rate. Compounded by the paranoia of humanity to rush to a hospital if they as much sneezed. It’s like rush hour traffic – but with humans in the hospital. And young healthy folks nearly taking out an elderly person to beat them to that last box of medical grade masks on the shelf…. Sad.

    Anymore I call them “masks of compassion.” It calms OTHER PEOPLE down!

    Then I found this little gem on the internet in my search for FACTS.

    It’s actually a brilliant use of a new product demo sandbox – they just pointed their visuals to current university hospital databases. Talk about perfect timing for a newer product and using it for good. Now THAT’s Right Marketing! None of this cut-throat overpromising so common in tech. 🙂

    Finally, the missing piece: Sample Size. “per 1,000,000 people”. They didn’t have the % visuals when I tumbled on it, so pulled out my calculator and did the math. The numbers were laughable. POINT ZERO THREE % death rate. .03%. (didn’t want ya to miss the decimal before the 0, it’s small 🙂 )

    It’s gone up since then, and now it’s dropping as “they” (a) duplicate data and (b) scrub the data for statistical estimates of undocumented cases of illness. Not only is that a DB management no-no, but all these undocumented cases that “they” had to so urgently update their systems with are from population who – strangely enough – fully recovered! 100% Go figure!

    They would be in a hospital or a death certificate would have been pronounced otherwise. And so the death rate drops.

    (poke around that site a bit, it’s quite clever!)

    The underlying issue seems to be 2 prong:

    1 – to quote a Tibetan Lama: “we put make-up on our dead people and bury them in parks.” We visit the ill and can’t just BE with them. The fear is so contagious that folks have to fuss and flutter over the terminally ill rather than give them what they need – human connection – because they are facing the reality we were all born with: a death sentence in hand. Society seems to erase that entire notion from consciousness. We hide death so maybe we can escape it. There is not one record of a person escaping death TO DATE. But the phenomenon still exists.

    2) Insanity arising out of some perceived sense of lack of control. That’s the ultimate “groundlessness of reality,” as it’s said. If we look hard enough, control is a myth. Yosemite could blow any day. The magnetic poles are acting up as if they are about to shift again. Something that has happened many times over this planet’s duration. A car accident. All this paranoia is a reaction of fear, the ultimate contagion. Fear not acknowledged leads to irrational behavior, violence, and war. NOT ONE documented case of those approaches has ever worked either.

    I happened by this site, saw a breath of sanity, and just had to comment.
    Thumbs up.

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