World of Commodore Episode 2: Hacking GeckOS

Welcome, HPR Listener! Here are some photos to accompany my podcast. If you like what I’m doing, feel free to leave a comment! Glen was an excellent presenter! Also, did you know I’m running this server from a Raspberry Pi 4? I know, it would be cooler if I ran it from a Commodore 64. Anyway, I hope you are enjoying yourself this holiday season, and all the best to you and the Hacker Public Radio community! If you stumbled across this page and are wondering, “What podcast?” Well, just go here:

World of Commodore 2019 Episode 1

On December 7, 2019, I continued with my annual tradition of going to World of Commodore. This year, I did something different; I decided to make a podcast miniseries about it for Hacker Public Radio. As there is a visual element that is absent from an audio podcast, I decided to host the photographs here. For episode one, here are the photographs of the exhibitor floor to help flesh out the content you have heard on the podcast. The link to the podcast will go here once it goes live: Click Here

This is the table at the entrance with badges waiting to be picked up.
This is Eric’s Zenith TV with a Raspberry Pi, it plays old black and white TV shows.
The Pi Zero inside the back of the Zenith portable TV
My son Nicholas playing with Jim’s VR for the Commodore 64.
Josh’s 3D printed cookie cutters with cookies, see
Vince with his Commodores
Jeremy’s collection of products, see
Justus is on the right setting up a display.
Super Mario Brothers on a C64.
Joseph wearing his blue jeans and blue T-Shirt behind his table
Me on the left standing next to Ben on the right
The raffle draw. Stewart is on the right holding tickets.See

That’s it for pictures for the first episode, tune in next week for pictures of Glen Holmer’s presentation of Hacking Geck OS. Until then, drive safely and make sure to have fun!