Our elitist province

If you want evidence that our government has no fucks to give to the common people of the province of Ontario, look no further than Highway 407. Now, I’m not inherently opposed to toll highways; in fact, they can be a good thing. For example, nearly half a million people drive on Highway 401 every day. If everyone had to pay a reasonable toll of, say, $1 per trip, they could generate nearly half a million dollars per day. This money could then be used to maintain and repair infrastructure. Over time, it could have been used to build Highway 407. The problem with Highway 407 is that a dollar won’t get you very far on this highway, with rates that skyrocket during the times when we need it most.

A quick history on highway 407: It was originally planned as a freeway bypassing the Toronto section of Highway 401, which is now the busiest highway in the WORLD. Shortly after it was built, our GOVERNMENT sold it to Spanish investors. This leaves us in the province of Ontario with not only the busiest highway in the whole goddamned world, but also the only viable alternative the most expensive toll highway in the whole goddamned world. Add in a greenbelt where housing cannot be built, pushing people into places where the 407 is the only viable alternative, and you have a recipe to make corrupt people wealthy on the backs of the working class.

An overfed twat

So now they’re going to raise rates even more; a full list of those rates can be found here, and bear in mind that a kilometer is just slightly over half a mile. Here is the transcript from CTV news when they interviewed an overfed twat:

Interviewer: “At what point is there a concern that you start turning away drivers based on that it’s out of reach for an average person?”
Overfed twat: “That’s not the objective; the objective in, ah, in setting tolls is to ensure the highway continues to move at a rate where it’s an alternative, ah, for drivers.”

Translation: “There are too many common people using this highway now, so we’re going to keep jacking up the rates so that only the wealthy can afford to drive on it, so fuck you, common people.”

My view? They’re a bunch of greedy idle rich people squeezing the common working class person as hard as they can to ensure the working class continue to suffer to make ends meet, while the rich get to enjoy their highway free from regular people. Forget about conspiracy theories; all the theories are just a smoke screen to keep people from seeing the real conspiracy that’s happening out in the open, right before our eyes.

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