Productive weekend

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Not having Facebook as an endless distraction meant that I could get to some things I wanted to get done this weekend. After putting my server on a battery backup, I diverted some LED lighting destined for a landfill on a job I did recently by re-purposing it as over and under cabinet lighting in my kitchen. I think it looks fantastic, and can’t wait to re-purpose more of it as accent lighting.

Other things I did this weekend was to got for a walk with my wife, watch the first episode of Bosch on Amazon Prime, give something nice to my neighbours, shovel snow, eat a $3 hamburger from Wendy’s, watch some road rage dashcam videos on Youtube, and I bought an open top tool box.

This will be a new experience for me. I’ve used all kinds of tool boxes for my job, including a Klein tool backpack. I’m always looking for the best solution for my tool storage, and I believe this might be the most efficient. I will report back later.

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