3 days without Facebook

I decided to chronicle my experience over the past three days leaving Facebook to share this experience with others.

Day 1: I admit it, I was mad. Some underpaid lackey got to play judge, jury, and executioner in banning me from posting to my Facebook account, and that decision was final. There was no way for me to contact anyone, to plea my case; in a knee jerk second, a decision was made, and that was that. I started deleting some photo albums to see if they’d notice, because I could at least do that. At first, I was mad at Facebook…but then I realized, I really should be mad at myself. I knew this could happen to anyone; it had already happened to many of my friends. It was me who allowed Facebook to play a central role in my on-line life, and that was a mistake. I could still go on Facebook and read things, and I was still getting notifications, but I couldn’t even wish anyone a happy birthday. I decided to uninstall the Facebook and Messenger apps from my phone, and my phone worked a lot better.

Day 2: I began to realize that, as I had become so focused on Facebook, I neglected other things like my blog here. I also have other social media accounts, like twitter, Google Plus, and MeWe which I have underused as well. I made a new profile picture especially for Facebook, wrote about my experience on my blog, and shared my experience at MeWe. This will be my new profile picture at Facebook from the day the ban will be lifted until Facebook is no more:

My new Facebook profile picture

Day 3: It’s been nice not having my phone ding with notifications every moment; I found myself very clear headed and productive. I spent some time cleaning up my blog and making it look decent. I contemplated leaving Facebook completely, but I think it’s better that I retain an account there with the new profile picture I made along with directions to pquirk.com. I will, of course, delete all of my content, and put it elsewhere…either in this blog, or with Google photos. However, Facebook is dead to me. My wife agrees with this decision, and has also decided she will not use the app and won’t be using Facebook much anymore either.

That’s it, no big deal. Like many other people, I’ve been wanting to leave Facebook for a while, and I’m actually thankful to them that they provided me with the motivation I needed to take action. Like many teens of today, it really is completely meaningless.

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